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Supportive Function: Slowing gastric emptying, bulking up stools, detoxifying, increasing probiotic growth and balance in the intestinal tract.

When is Fiber Support helpful? Blood sugar regulation, healthy cholesterol/triglyceride levels, satiety, weight balance, removal of toxins/excess estrogen (many female complaints are due to high estrogen), hormonal balance, constipation/diarrhea, colon health.
Clinical Applications Research: Inulin is a form of soluble fiber and is categorized as a prebiotic, which means that it promotes the growth of good bacteria in the gut (probiotics). There is evidence that inulin may increase calcium and magnesium absorption (1,2).

Glucomannan (konjac root) is a water-soluble dietary fiber derived from konjac root and has the highest molecular weight and strongest viscosity among any dietary fiber known to science. Glucomannan can absorb up to 200 times its weight in water, which is one of the ways it increases bulk and slows insulin response. It promoted bowel movement and improved colonic ecology in constipated adults in a placebo-controlled, dietcontrolled trial (15).

Banana Flakes – bananas are high in fiber, potassium and phosphorus, and contain other vitamins and minerals as well. Banana is also a good source of healthful flavonoids and pre-biotics (16).

Freeze Dried Apple: Both apple fiber and gum arabic lowered total and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) in men with moderately high cholesterol levels (12).

Rice Bran contains a high level of dietary fibers such as beta-glucan, pectin and gum. Constituents of these fibers include tocotrienols (a natural fraction of vitamin E), gamma-oryzanol and beta-sitosterol; all these ingredients have been noted to have a positive correlation to the lipid profile (cholesterol) (3).

Flax (seed) is used to provide bulk and counteract constipation because of its dietary fiber content (5). A 2009 study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that flax seeds may lower cholesterol levels, especially in women (6). Other studies suggest that flax seeds may be beneficial in other conditions as well, including stabilization of blood-sugar levels (7).

Apple Pectin is a soluble fiber that acts as a digestive aid and intestinal regulator. It slows gastric emptying, which is good for blood sugar and healthy cholesterol levels, and helps remove unwanted toxins from the colon. A research article published in Carcinogenesis, Apr 2010, describes a fraction of apple pectin as “highly effective against intestinal toxicities”, and “active against inflammation”, and reported that it “may be useful for treatment of colitis” (8). Yet another 2010 study, in Anaerobe, pointed out that apple pectin is one of the effective apple components improving the large intestine environment (9). Apple pectin is believed to increase the absorption capacity of the small intestine, increases levels of quercetin, (10).

Chia (seed) is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids, and contains significant levels of antioxidants and dietary fiber (mostly soluble). The antioxidants include caffeic acids, myricetin, quercetin, and kaempferol flavonols. A systematic review showed that “the available human and non-human studies show possible effectiveness for allergies, angina, athletic performance enhancement, coronary heart disease (CHD), heart attack, hormonal/endocrine disorders, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, stroke, and vasodilatation” (13). Some evidence also suggests possible anticoagulant and antiviral effects of chia (14).

Coconut Fiber is full of lignans and cellulose, with many health properties; indeed, some varieties of coconut have even been demonstrated to have “antinociceptive (analgesic) and anti-inflammatory activities which confirm the popular use of this plant” (4).

Spirulina is green, full of fiber, vitamins and minerals, has high anti-oxidant capacity and has been extensively researched. 2010 studies show that spirulina is helpful for inflammation, cholesterol, and toxic assault, amongst other health benefits (17). Spirulina has been proven to be, “effective to treat certain allergies, anemia, hepatotoxicity, viral and cardiovascular diseases, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, immunodeficiency, and inflammatory processes, among others” (18). These activities are attributed to some of the components in spirulina, including an isolated complex called Ca-Spirulan.

Agave Nectar is a raw natural sweetener.

Beta Glucans are not only high in fiber and well-known for being soluble fiber supplements, they lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol (19). Beta glucans increase the phagocytosis of antigens (20) which is one of the ways in which it modulates the immune system. In fact, beta glucans have “been shown to enhance the envelopment and digestion (phagocytosis) of pathogenic microorganisms that cause infectious disease” (21), and positively affect the immune cascade, especially T cells, B cells and dendritic cells (22).

It is important to drink plenty of filtered water with fiber supplements.

References available on request
Contraindications: It is important to note that even though fiber is important for colon health, if the colon is actively inflamed, such as with Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome, it is best to rest the gut with protein powders during those active bouts. High fiber may slow absorption of some drugs; take the supplement away from the drug by several hours.
Ingredients: Each Tablet Contains: Fiber 500 mg. Proprietary blend 857.5 mg* of: Inulin, Glucomannan (konjac root), Banana Flakes, Freeze Dried Apple, Gum Arabic, Rice Bran, Flax (seed), Apple Pectin, Chia (seed), Coconut Fiber, Spirulina, Agave Nectar, Beta Glucans.
Vegetarian: Yes
Suggested Dosage: One tablet daily or as directed
Pack: 90 Tablets
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