Total Andro-Bal

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Supportive Function: Water Based Sublingual Spray. Male and Female Hormone Support

When is Total Andro-Bal helpful? For the temporary relief of both male and female conditions including fatigue, loss of libido, impotence, premature ejaculation, supports the balance of the male hormonal system including the production and release of sperm, prostate afflictions and exhaustion after coition.
Clinical Applications Research: Damiana is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory herb (Nascimento MA, et al.Turnera ulmifolia L. (Turneraceae): preliminary study of its antioxidant activity. Bioresour Technol. 2006 Aug;97(12):1387-91) that improves blood flow; it is used for various conditions, including sexual neurasthenia (nervous exhaustion), erectile dysfunction, chronic prostatic discharge, renal and cystic catarrh (inflammation), libido, stamina and vitality, migraines, incontinence, sterility, and many others. Damiana has been studied “in relation to effects that are considered as part of an adaptogen effect (anti-stress, memory enhancement, increased physical and/or sexual performance)” (Mendes FR, Carlini EA. Brazilian plants as possible adaptogens: an ethnopharmacological survey of books edited in Brazil. : J Ethnopharmacol. 2007 Feb 12;109(3):493-500). Adaptogens are well-known for balancing the system, whether high or low to start.

Lecithinum homeopathic is traditionally used for a forgetful, dull, confused mind, ovarian insufficiency, weak sexual power, low libido, aching, lack of energy, and scanty urine with phosphates, sugar or albumin (a percentage of testosterone and estrogens circulate in the blood while bound to albumin) (Boericke's Materia Medica). Lecithin is important in the vital processes of life; it is an integral component of cell membranes. Lecithin has a favorable influence upon the nutritive conditions and especially upon the blood; it increases the red corpuscle count and hemoglobin in the blood.

Phosphoricum Acidum is indicated for conditions such as impaired memory, listlessness, thinning hair, headache after coition, frequent urination, especially at night, possibly preceded by anxiety and followed by burning, scanty milk from nursing, early menses, profuse bleeding, swollen reproductive glands, nighttime emissions, seminal vesiculitis, profuse sweat, and acne (Boericke's Materia Medica). It is also indicated for erectile dysfunction, testicular pain, low libido, and exhaustion after sex (A Classic Homeopathic Guide, by John Henry Clarke, MD).

Sabal Serrulata (Saw palmetto) is used in homeopathy to address glandular swelling, ovarian and prostate irritation, urinary symptoms, sleep problems, stress headaches, among other uses.

Cholesterinum: The precursor of all steroid hormones, cholesterol is a necessary building block for all the sex hormones. Consequently, hormonal balance depends on the production of the sex hormones from this precursor. Cholesterinum addresses imbalances in cholesterol metabolism.

Hypothalamus: The hypothalamus is an organ that regulates much of our hormonal control. The hypothalamus synthesizes GnRH, which acts to release FSH and LH, causing release of androgens and secretion of androgen-binding protein. As a homeopathic, it is used for psychological or physical stress, inflammation of the epididymis, and promotion of spermatogenesis.

DNA binds to a complex of testosterone (which has bound to an intracellular receptor), and is used in homeopathy to address imbalances such as low libido and hypertrophy of the prostate (Julian Winston, Wellington College of Homeopathy).
Ingredients: Active Ingredients: Cholesterinum, Damiana, DNA, (18X, 36X and LM2), Hypothalamus, Lecithin, Phosphoricum ac, Sabal. Equal volumes of each ingredient in 12X, 30X, and LM1 potencies, unless otherwise noted.

Inactive Ingredients: Citric acid, potassium sorbate, purified water.
Vegetarian: No
Suggested Dosage: 2 pump sprays 3 times daily or as directed. For ages 12 to adult.
Pack: 1 oz. Homeopathic Spray
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