Enzyme Forte

SKU: 1476
Supportive Function: Highly Active Pancreatin Enzymes
Potent formula of highly active pancreatic enzymes (includes proteolytic enzymes). Proteolytic enzymes are naturally produced by phagocytes (white blood cells) during times of non specifi c infl ammation response in the body.
Clinical Applications Research:
Do not take enzymes directly before or directly after surgery (for at least one week). They may prevent scar tissue from forming. Gradual dosage increase is recommended.
Ingredients: Each Tablet Contains: Chromium (as chelate) 3 mcg. Proprietary blend 550 mg* of: Pancreatin (porcine) (which supplies the naturally occurring enzymes): Chymotrypsin (Trypsin) Protease, Lipase, Amylase.
Vegetarian: No
Suggested Dosage: 1-2 tablets daily between meals or as advised
Pack: 100 Tablets
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