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Supportive Function: F-complex provides a comprehensive formula of essential fatty acids in a favorable ratio. It includes sources of linoleic acid, omega 3 fish oils, and alpha-linolenic acids. Getting the right balance of essential fatty acids, although challenging in this day and age, is vital to the health of organs and tissues, especially skin. Fatty acids are building blocks for hormones and cell membranes and precursors for the highly active prostaglandins.

When are Essential Fatty Acids helpful? Inflammation, skin conditions (psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis), allergies, heart disease, hypertension, premature aging, autoimmune disorders, ulcerative colitis, neonatal development, arthritis, immune impairment, PMS, reduced sex drive, menopause and fibrocystic breast disease.
Clinical Applications Research: Cardiovascular: Fish oil (omega-3/n-3) seems to have many beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. In fact, "The mechanisms by which dietary n-3 fatty acids might modulate the morbidity and mortality from coronary heart disease have been related to their effects on plasma lipids and lipoproteins, eicosanoid metabolism, and platelet-endothelial cell interactions. In addition, more recent studies have shown positive effects on myocardial function and blood pressure" (AJCN 1993; 57:634). Since fish oil does thin the blood, it may increase risk of stroke from hemorrhaging.

Gastro-Intestinal Complaints: The effect of fish oil on ulcerative colitis was investigated in 87 patients. Treatment with fish oil resulted in, "measurable clinical benefit" - They suggested fish oil could also be working by a beneficial effect on cytokines, by scavenging free radicals, and by increasing intestinal mucosal surface area. Additionally, they noted that fish oil is used as a treatment for a variety of chronic inflammatory disorders (NEJM 1996; 334:1557-1560).

Brain/Visual Development: Artificial formulas, unlike human milk, do not contain any long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA’s). The PUFA’s found in fish oil, such as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), are an example of very long chain PUFA’s. Their high degree of unsaturation is needed for membrane fluidity. Arachidonic acid, along with DHA, is an essential requirement for proper brain function, especially in the fetus and neonatal subject.

Immune System: Fish oil may very well have an important role to play in reducing the incidence of autoimmune diseases, because it can inhibit the inappropriate expression of certain molecules on the cell surface (MHC class II) that are involved with initiating autoimmune disease.
Contraindications: Since fish oil does thin the blood, large doses may increase risk of stroke from hemorrhaging. Fish oil has been used in combination with anticoagulant therapy; however, caution should be employed when larger doses are used. Hyperparathyroidism or sarcoidosis patients should avoid vitamin D supplementation. Hypercalciuria and hypercalcemia are usually not seen unless the daily dose exceeds 2400 IU. Medicinal amounts of any vitamin, mineral or specialty nutrient should only be taken with the advice of a trained licensed healthcare professional. If digestive upset is present, check gallbladder function and check for potential blockage of the bile duct.
Ingredients: Each Capsule Contains: Vitamin A (from cod liver oil) 1250 IU, Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol) 125 IU. Proprietary blend 785 mg* of: Cod Liver Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Safflower Oil.
Vegetarian: No
Suggested Dosage: 1 capsule daily or as directed
Pack: 90 Gelatin Capsules
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