Magna-B-6 Plus

SKU: 1273
Supportive Function: Magnesium-Potassium with B-Complex
An ample dose of vitamin B-6 helps maintain many functions. Supports joint health including the wrists.
Clinical Applications Research:
Doses above 250 mg/day of B-6 are generally not recommended, as they may cause neuropathy symptoms.
Ingredients: Each Tablet Contains: Vitamin E (as succinate) 30 IU, Thiamine (as hydrochloride) 1 mg, Riboflavin 1.7 mg, Niacin 10 mg, Vitamin B-6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride) 100 mg, Pantothenic Acid (as calcium pantothenate) 5 mg, Magnesium (as oxide) 50 mg.
Vegetarian: Yes
Suggested Dosage: 1 tablet daily or as directed.
Pack: 90 Tablets
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