We provide health care professionals with the only line of nutraceuticals formulated by Chiropractic Nutritionists in clinical practice, not biochemists sitting in a laboratory without hands-on experience with patients. These world leaders in therapeutic nutrition have developed, over the last twenty-nine years, phenomenally effective supplement formulations that are unique in the field.

Nutri-West has been at the forefront of U.S. FDA development of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. Those guidelines are the industry standard set by Nutri-West's example of product purity and quality control every step of the way.  Dr. Paul White, DC owner of NW wrote these standards for the highest quality supplemental nutrition for his patients.  As one of the world leaders in Applied Kinesiology and co-author of the first groundbreaking books on the subject, integration of specific formulations were integral to superior patient results.  This has been the legacy of Dr. White and Nutri-West of Douglas Wyoming.  We are proud to be firstly students and secondly friends of Dr. White and his family since 1976.

Nutri-West New Zealand Australia is a subsidiary of StarkHealth Ltd. StarkHealth Ltd is owned by Dr Patterson Stark BSc, DC, FASLM,   who is an Applied Kinesiologist trained by Doctors Goodheart, Walther, White and Kaufman. A graduate of Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, now a New Zealand citizen, Dr Stark wanted the best products for his patients. Paul and Marcia White asked Dr. Stark to become the importer of Nutri-West products in 1993.

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