Terms and conditions for the sale of Nutri-West New Zealand Australia (NWNZA) Nutraceuticals

General terms and conditions

Sales are made to registered healthcare practitioners throughout New Zealand and Australia. We endeavour to ship all products in a timely manner and respect all public holidays recognized by the postal services of all countries.

All healthcare providers must register and provide identification of the professional status suitable to verify to NWNZA they are in good standing and have good credit in which to conduct business. We reserve the right not to accept a client’s order if we believe the client is in bad faith, credit trouble or any of our terms conditions have been breached.

Professional healthcare products only

Nutri-West products are exclusively sold to healthcare professionals only and may be resold to their clients under strict professional supervision. At no time is the healthcare provider allowed to sell these products to the general public without professional supervision and relations. This means that the healthcare provider must have personal consultation with clients in order to prescribe these products. Any breach of this contract will result in the immediate closing of the client’s account.

Orders and how to place them

Orders via our website can be placed at any time. They will be dispatched the following business day by 12 noon. Orders after 12 noon will be dispatched the following day. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 11am to 5pm New Zealand time.

Telephone orders can be placed directly by calling +64 3 376 5000.
Send Fax orders to +64 3 376 5331. We have a specific, easy to use form for you to mark and fax or email to us.

Payment of accounts

Payment in full is required before orders are shipped unless you have a monthly account. Contact us if you want to operate a monthly account.

Payments can be made by direct credit to our New Zealand bank account or by credit card. If you wish to pay by credit card we will call you for your credit card details and hold those details off-line.

Returned products

We will accept product returns without question if we’ve made an error in our delivery.

We will accept products to be returned if they are unopened and undamaged and have a current use by date.

We will pay the freight by way of credit to your account for products returned for which we have made the error. Products which were ordered by you and not used, we request that you pay the freight and we will credit those products to your account.

Questions regarding product usage

If you are unsure about how to use a particular product do not hesitate to call and ask guidance from our professional team.

Our website contains extensive information on clinical indications and research supporting product use.

From time to time we may have updates, important information regarding nutritional protocols, educational symposia or other information to offer. If you wish to receive this information please tick the 'I wish to join the mailing list' box in your account details.


All of your current credit details in addition to personal contact details are kept in strictest confidence and will never be abused. We maintain strict server security and encryption to protect your safety and maintain your trust.

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